Go West, Young Man!

We got back earlier this week from the biggest trip we’ve ever taken as a family… from Delaware to California and back! We got to see our daughter Jordan, her hubby Luke, and our two grandboys, Jackson and Derik! What a great week of hugs and kisses! Here’s a few pictures…

Three generations at the Farmer’s Market…


A very proud Aunt Kate holding her little Bean…


Our Jordan, holding the same little guy…


Kate and Jack…


Jack and me, having an early morning tea party!


Stealing a smooch from Derik!


Pop-Pop holding Derik… he finally got him away from us girls!


A very proud Papa!


Pop-Pop and Jack playing in the dirt!


Jo and her boys!


Three generations again…


Jo, Luke, Kate, and the boys!


We had a grand time… for some REALLY good photos, check out Jo’s website and her Flick’r!  It amazes me how we can shoot the same things, yet how the photo’s turn out looking so different!

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