And a bit of silliness… which is most welcome on a non-thinking Monday morning!

Brenda from Bright Meadow Farms tagged me with the “Seven Weird or Random Things About Me” game! Here are the rules…Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. Post 7 random or weird facts about yourself on your blog. Tag 7 people and link to them. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

Okay, let’s see if I can think of seven things this early in the morning…

1. I’m addicted to Pop Tarts. And I’ve passed it on to my children.

2. I like “How To” books on old-fashioned living skills.

3. I make money cutting paper into little pieces.

4. I ENJOY cutting paper into little pieces.

5. We homeschooled our girls “all the way through.”

6. Our family can quote, almost word for word, all the Jane Austen movies, Wives & Daughters, and several Dickens series. We’ve watched them, marathon style, THAT many times.

7. I have very little concern about what’s going on in the news or what the weather will be tomorrow. Please let me know if there’s been a major disaster or if a hurricane is about to blow in, because I most likely don’t know about it.

I knever know who to tag, but here goes…








Good Morning!

Snitching a few minutes away from my morning routine to write a quick post about what we’ve been doing!

First of all, we’ve been filling and updating the Gallery part of the website… It sure takes a lot of time to upload all those pictures, get them the right size, and… hardest of all… to figure out what size they are once they’re framed! I think in terms of their “going into the frame” size, not what dimensions they are when hanging on the wall. Hubby rattled off a formula for me to add to each side of the finished picture, but I resorted to climbing ladders, pulling down frames of various sorts and using the old-fashioned ruler. Much easier than doing math, in my book. He just shook his head.


So… keep an eye on the gallery as it begins to fill up!

We’ve also started a shop on Etsy! We thought it might be a good idea to put items that are “ready to go” for sale there. When I first checked out Etsy last summer, it didn’t seem like traditional crafts would fit in, but I was in for a big surprise when we joined up! There’s quite a variety there. I’m trying to put a link directly to our Etsy shop on the Home Page of our website, but so far I’ve had no luck at getting it to work. I’ll keep trying, though! Anyway… I think this link will work… Thistle Dew Mercantile on Etsy.

Another related item is that I’ve joined the Farmgirl Flair group… a gaggle of ladies from Mary Jane’s Farmgirl Connection that have sites on Etsy. I’ve not seen my bio on there yet, but the link to our site is on the sidebar, so if my feeble attempts at making the link work do not work, then you can always get there from there. Or you can go to Etsy and search titles for “FGF” or user names for “ThistleDewMercantile” (all squished together) to find a few of our pieces.

Well, now that I’ve done my early morning link-making calisthenics (8 in this post!), perhaps I’ll go and attempt that Etsy link on the Home Page. (Ha! Make that 10!) Have a great Wednesday!