A “Slow Down” sort of Day…

Sometimes you just need one.

A “Slow Down” sort of day.

A day to just do the next thing without
rushing or running or going or fretting.

The past few weeks, I’ve been working on
a new series of prints about “Slowing Down”…

…About enjoying the simplest things in life instead of
dashing through them or rushing past them…

Slowing down long enough to Pick Some Flowers.


Slowing down long enough to Listen to the Birds.


Slow down long enough to Hand out the Wash.


What sort of things do YOU want to slow down and enjoy?

(They might just become a print!)

Photo by our daughter, Kate, of Corner Chair!

Photo by our daughter, Kate, of Corner Chair!


This past Sunday, Hubby’s Mom and Dad had a little garden party…

…In fact, the garden WAS the party!


I mean, look at all that COLOR!

Winter Berry

The sky was a little gray that afternoon,
but that seemed to make the colors even more vibrant!

Lambs Ear

Mom and Dad have a knack for creating color contrasts in the garden!


Everything was in bloom, and very fragrant!

White Flowers

Even the tiniest of blossoms…

Bleeding Heart

… seem to tug at your heartstrings.

Outside In

So I went home, and brought some Outside In.

Go not abroad for happiness,
for see,
it is a flower blooming at thy door.
~Minot Savage~

Branching Out…

In the midst of a long-distance Mother-Daughter phone conversation, somewhere mingled with Design Ideas, Mommy Advice, Airplane Tickets, Business Brainstorming, Children’s Drawings, and Plans-for-When-We-Next-Get-Together, my oldest daughter Jordan and I came up with a Brilliant Plan. While we were talking about the possibilities for developing a single design, the idea of a Grand Collaboration popped into both our heads at just about the same instance! And so did a quote that we both liked…

Home is Where You Are

It’s been nearly four years since Jo’s family has been back on the East Coast, and a good part of our conversation was about  Jo, her Hubby Luke, and her boys Jack and Derik traveling back home to Delaware for a couple of weeks in the late Spring. We’d both been searching online for airline tickets, and let me tell you, the price of airline tickets for four people to go across the country is nothing to sneeze at… As a matter of fact, it could make one swoon and fall over in shock.  But, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

We gals had an Idea…
…Take that single quote about “Home,”
create some Art around it,
and get those designs on the website, post haste!

Home is Where You Are

Jordan was feeling rather artsy that day, and jumped in feet first,
and got the ball rolling by coming up with
a beautiful sketch in her loose, happy style...


Her Mama, on the other hand, was a tad bit slower, and took a couple days
to produce a matching papercutting in her somewhat-tight, in-the-box style…


And then we set to work to produce a sweet line of prints and cuts that we’ll be
selling on our Etsy shops and websites to help play for those tickets!


Click Here to Purchase on our Website!

Or Click Here to Purchase on Etsy!

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How do I love thee?

Are you getting geared up for Valentine’s Day?


I didn’t realize it, but over the past year I’ve been decorating our new
hand-me-down bedroom with some really sweet memories!


I didn’t want to “over do” the decorating,
or just quickly fill the room with a lot of “things,”
but as special little treasures caught my heart
I tucked them in our room, sort of here and there…


Some have a REALLY special place in my heart,
like this tiny little painted rock…


…which I got for my 12th birthday…

…from Guess Who?



Sometimes a little trinket like my rock will be
tucked away in a box or drawer for many years.

Or maybe a special card will be saved…


We just added a few new designs to our shop…


…Just in case you haven’t found the perfect card yet for your Valentine!


January Journaling…

Hello Folks! I just realized that we’ve come to the end of January! Boy, did this month really fly! Even though this has been a busy month, the new year has actually gotten off to a good start, and I feel like I might be catching up on some things around here. The Christmas decorations are all packed away in new matching clear plastic bins (Hooray for the new Dollar General just down the road from us!), ten year’s worth of reenacting clothing from various centuries has been washed, ironed, and folded, and the utility closet has been thoroughly cleaned. I’ve even had a chance to work some more on this year’s art journal. Here’s a peek into the “January” pages…


I used one of the Bare Books for this year’s journal, divvied up the pages to about 4 per month, and added some tabs so I could easily find my place throughout the year. I’m not sure how the tabs will hold up over an entire year, but they are a fun addition! (Thanks, Martha!)

The tree sketch was a simple line drawing exercise… The crabapple is my favorite tree in our yard, and I think it’s been here since our first year in our home. I wanted to capture the movement of the twisty, tangly trunk in simple lines for this first sketch, instead of being super detailed about it. These pages  also include a quote, and a poem, and a prosy little bit about the snow we’ve had this month. For more January journaling ideas, follow this link… Or for February, head here instead! Or, for all the art journaling posts, scroll down and click on the “Art Journaling” category in the sidebar!

Something I noticed from my original January Journaling page… the Doodle of the Month for January  was “Snowflakes.” And I doodled snowflakes all over that page. But all those snowflakes had a major flaw. Silly me… Snowflakes have 6 sides, not 8! They really should look more like this…

JanuaryJournal - Version 2

I drew the mittens from “out of my head.” Don’t you just love mittens strung together? I was *ahem* 20 years old before I knew WHY mittens came on strings. Here in Delaware, where snow is not usually a huge part of our winter, we snipped those strings as soon as a new pair of mittens came home from the store. I honestly thought it was part of how they were packaged. Then I got married, moved to upstate New York with my new Hubby, and got a job working at a nursery school. And guess what? There’s a reason for those strings, and I think preschool teachers in snowy regions must be the most appreciative people in the world FOR those mitten strings! All the little children in that school kept their mittens strung through the two arms of their coats, so when they put on their coat the mittens were dangling from the sleeves, just waiting for their little hands! No missing mittens! No wondering whose mittens were whose! Amazing!

I tried to get a little bit of shading and texture on the mittens…
…maybe you can see it if I crop the photo…

JanuaryJournal - Version 3

I tried to think of the mitten as a “round-ish” object, and darkened the color around the edges to give it a bit of depth. And then took a good look at a knitted sweater to see what the texture looked like… Knitting sort of looks like little “V’s,” so I used a darker blue colored pencil and made a bunch of rows of V’s, sort of following the contour of the mitten. It took less time than I thought it would to add that little bit of texture. And I think it made the mittens look just a little  bit warmer.


Something else I’m doing with my art journal this year is adding in little thoughts about habits I’d like to establish or goals I’d like to accomplish. I do have a “written” journal where all that daily stuff gets recorded, but sometimes things get lost in there amongst all the wordage, so tucking goals in my art journal makes them stand out a little more. The little boxes with “#2” and “#3” written in them are actually mini summaries of a really great blog series I recently discovered… Click on the picture below to visit Daniele’s 52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and HomeShe’s adding a new tip each Monday, and they’ve been a great encouragement to me so far this year! Go visit if you get a chance! (Daniele writes much more graciously to her readers than I do to myself… I need some “tough love!”) 😀

JanuaryJournal - Version 5

How about you? Anybody doing some Art Journaling?

We’d LOVE to see it!

And My OTHER Girl!!!


This has been a week of my girls doing amazing things!

Our oldest daughter, Jordan Boesch is the featured artist today on

Annapolis & Company
Creativity in the Everyday

Mary Beth is doing an awesome series about young creative ladies.

It is truly inspiring.

And so is my girl, who made her Mama cry as she read the interview.

…And also laugh when she saw pictures of her
sand-covered chock-full-of-life Grandboys!

Jordan, who mastered Spencerian Penmanship at the age of 15,
has a design business where she specializes in hand-drawn
logos and lettering for websites, branding, and marketing.

If you are in need of an artist that will work with you to
create a very special look for your business or blog…

Go visit my girl at…

Hey There. Design

And My Girl….

Exciting News Flash!!!

Our daughter, Katie Donovan is being featured for the next few days on

One King’s Lane!!!

They’re producing her beautiful hand-lettered art on canvas,
and framing them in pretty white frames!

Look for her wonderful quotes, like this one…

And yes, I borrowed that picture to share with you, because

1. I’m her Mom and am pretty sure it would be okay.


2. The original is hanging in my art room.

And it is awesome.

Old Things…

Nana was an antique dealer. So are my Mom and Dad. My earliest days involved playing with spinning wheels and butter churns, collecting demitasse teacups, and going to yard sales, flea markets, and antique shows. Needless to say, I grew up around lots of Old Things. And now my girls collect Old Things. We all like different sorts of old stuff… Nana liked Primitive Country. Mom and Dad love Colonial Decor. Jo loves Pretty Blue China as well as Mid-Century Modern. Kate and her Hubby like Victorian through Vintage. I like Farmhouse and Schoolhouse, with a touch of Industrial. We’re quite the mix!

One of my favorite kinds of Old Things are things that DO stuff.
I have a few antiques that are just to look at,
but I really like the ones that still function.

Like this antique book press…

It’s one of my favorite new Old Things!

(I’d really like to discover a matching Printing Press…
…in case anyone has one lurking in their shed!)

At the Store, we have lots of Old Things hanging around, and we love it when customers ask about them. There’s a Corn Sheller, Hand Corn Planters, old Feed Bins, Lanterns, big and little Scales, and strange looking Tools, just to name a few of the doodads hanging around Hudson’s.

And there’s this…

It’s a guaranteed conversation starter!

And it’s going to be in Pie from Scratch!

Do you know?

What is it?

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Pie from Scratch!
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Writing a Story…

Quick post today… Feeling a bit lazy on this Day of Rest. Hubby is under the weather. And speaking of weather, it’s been dreary and rainy all day. So, today we’ve stayed home, rested a lot, and caught up on the laundry. I hadn’t thought much about the Pie from Scratch story until just now, when I read today’s Our Daily Bread. This quote sort of sums up today’s devotion…

All of us are writing a story with our lives
—one that affects others now and in the future.
~Dave Branon~

“Story” is a word that I’ve been hearing a lot lately. It seems to have suddenly taken on new meaning. I hear about “story” on blogs and in meaningful conversations, and they’re talking about more than a fairy tale. A person’s “story” is what they are, where they came from, where they are going, and who they touch along the way. Our personal stories are woven into the stories of the people around us. Annie’s story actually is inspired by grandparents that poured their lives into their grandkids. Thinking about how their influence affected my life makes me want to evaluate the “story” I’m writing today… and Everyday.

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The Everyday…

We got to go to Disneyland last May with these two Cuties…

It was the first time I ever visited Disneyland, and what an incredible day! Awesome food, fun rides, and lots of time with the Grandboys! I know we all treasure the fun events we share with our families. We’ve got photo albums filled with those special events… birthdays, vacations, weddings, celebrations of all sorts. We always remember to bring the camera along to capture the memories.

But the Everyday… I wish I had taken more pictures of that over the years. The days that weren’t all that exciting, but that also held the most living. The Real Life days. The ones that included PB & J, nap time, chores, and bedtime stories. Because they were just as awesome.

Back in the 90’s, there was a lot of talk about “Quality Time vs. Quantity Time” in the parenting circles. There were convincing arguments for both sides, as if we needed to choose one over the other.

I think families need both.

We need special memories of fabulous celebrations.

And we need special memories of Everydays.

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Pie from Scratch!
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