Misc., Etc.

We’re making a valiant attempt at getting back into the groove here at Thistle Dew, but alas, it seems like we’re making rather slow progress! This week has involved quite a bit of papercutting and painting, and I think in a day or two we’ll be able to ship out the long awaited orders! Thanks to everyone who ordered the Patriotic Eagles… especially for your patience! They’re nearly finished!!!

The other day, I captured a picture of one of the spiders that keep invading my art room… this was taken shortly before his demise. He was about 3″ in diameter, and just inches away from the door. Hence, “he needed killin’.” That’s a valid defense around these here parts.


Saturday was a very nice day at the store… we had our Fall Folk Artists on the Porch Day, and were blessed with a wonderfully friendly crowd! A few highlights…

My Dad got to spend a few hours demonstrating blacksmithing!

Kate spent the day making things that smelled yummy! (And tasted just as yummy… we got to eat them after the crowd went home!)

Miss Pat was busy making Penny rugs!

Miss Jackie brought some lovely quilts!

Miss Suzy did some painting!

Miss Katie autographed her cookbooks!

And Mr. Pete brought his furniture!


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