Some Spring things…

Just posted a few springtime mini’s on our Currently For Sale Page! We have just a handful of these mini’s left…


I’m slowly getting into the springtime mood… flowers and lambs and bunnies are beginning to swirl around in my brain a bit. And boats and nautical things. But first I need to clear my desk and get some more projects finished up!


And talk about finishing a project… Hubby took advantage of a couple of quiet days last week to finish his desk! This was a project he had wanted to build for himself since he started doing woodworking about 20 years ago. It’s finished, but not “finished”… he hasn’t yet decided if he’s going to stain it or paint it. But, it’s officially in use, and is currently holding all that paperwork that was mentioned in the last post! Isn’t it pretty?


Please excuse the work light attached to the top… the desk is in our colonial living room, which has true colonial ambiance. (Wood ceilings and little overhead lighting. Very romantic.) We’re in that room much more than we used to be since it hosts both the woodstove and the DVD player, and we’ve decided some not-too-obvious track lighting might be the next project! Kate and I both have those little clip-on LCD lights to work by, and Chris brought in his “Tim the Toolman” version!

Well, I think I need to hit the hay! It’s been a long day, and there’s lots to do tomorrow!


In Like a Lion!


We’re getting ready to have a blustery day here on the East Coast… we’ve got quite a Winter Storm headed our way! As much as I love snow, Spring has teased us a little too much lately and I’m ready for it to come. However, Winter has decided to give one last hurrah, and my only consolation is that it’s March 1st. That means March will go out like a lamb, right? Which should coincide perfectly with the Groundhog’s weather forecast. So Spring will come just when Spring is supposed to come.

I don’t put much stock in superstitions. None actually. But in light of my post on patience yesterday, I must show you what was in my take-out Chinese food fortune cookie last night…


I thought perhaps Hubby and Kate paid the Chinese food people to give me that one. Anyway, fortune cookies, old wives’ tales, and ground hogs aside, it’s best just to trust in what’s True and in the One who cares for us…

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart;
and lean not unto thine own understanding.
In all thy ways acknowledge Him,
and He shall direct thy paths.
Proverbs 3: 5,6 




A lovely thought for May 1st!

Lo, the flowery month is come! March winds and April showers have done their work, and the earth is all bedecked with beauty. Come my soul, put on thine holiday attire and go forth to gather garlands of heavenly thoughts.

~ Charles Spurgeon, Morning by Morning~

It is so wonderful to know the winter is past, the rain is over and gone, the flowers appear on the earth, and the time of the singing of the birds is come! (Song of Solomon 2:11-12)

Finally in frames…

Hello All!

You should see my artroom… and kitchen table… and any other flat surface downstairs. We’ve got frames in every possible state of “done-ness,” silhouettes from historic people to flutter-by’s, squares of candy colored papers, stacks of glass, sawdust that followed Chris in from the barn, and snips of paper that fell off Kim’s lap. Pretty much everywhere.

Creativity is not necessarily tidy.

However. In spite of the mess… or perhaps because of the mess?… things are being created and put into frames. Pretty things. It’s fun to take a couple of weeks away from our normal painted artwork to just work on silhouettes, and we’ve been able to get a good start on our Spring stock. Keep an eye on my Etsy shop, as we put things on there… and if you’re nearby, be sure to stop in the store to see what’s new!



A Creative Couple of Days…

Yesterday and today, I was able to spend some time sketching and creating a few new silhouette designs for Spring! I’ve had Success to the Farmer on the brain the past couple of months, and have also felt a pull to incorporate more color into the spring line (What me? Color? That’s a no brainer!). Yesterday, while playing with silhouettes and frames and some decorative papers, things just sort of “came together.” These guys are destined to be in black frames… which are still tacky with varnish on the art room table at present… but I just couldn’t wait to show you! And yes, black frames… black is “the new white” for spring this year. It makes sense in my mind, anyway, and looks sort of clean and sleek. The background papers will vary, but these are the very first editions, made from the only acceptable piece of paper in our collection. We headed off to the craft store yesterday afternoon to gather some more, and Chris was very helpful and patient about picking them out!


And a couple more…The underground worm was Kate’s idea! And Many Many Many thanks to Kate and Sara Jane for their enthusiastic offer to paint frame while movie watching! Sara, don’t you want to come watch movies again next week?! You’re welcome anytime!