Schnibbles and Bits… or the state of things.

This photo just about sums up my life at the moment:


That’s about all the schnibbles I can balance on my cutting board without spilling them. I think I dumped at least three loads of schnibbles in the trash today. Yesterday I had an incredible creative thought to save them and make handmade paper with them for Christmas presents. Today that thought seemed absolutely insane, so I threw away yesterday’s collection of paper bits. Wild imaginings and occasional melt-downs sometimes often happen the week before shows start.


Hubby said to take a picture of the tables, so as to give a better impression of the state of things. Here’s the art room table (Note the Very Important Cup of Coffee!):


And the dining room table… which must be cleared for birthday cake by tomorrow night (Somebunny’s turning 20 tomorrow!):


Extreme papercutting. It should be a new sport.


I’m off to soak in a hot tub with lots of bubbles and MJ’s latest magazine. Maybe I’ll get some more creative ideas!

Oh dear.

Itty Bitty. And Not So Itty Bitty.

Mini’s are back!!!

We’ve sold mini papercuttings for many years, but we bought the miniature frames unfinished and grain-painted them. They were so tiny that Chris wasn’t sure he wanted to make them. (He’s become quite attached to his fingers, and two inches is just a little too close to tablesaw blades for his liking!) However, the inevitable happened, and our supplier stopped making them a couple of years ago. So we bought all we could and used them sparingly. Last spring, we ran out. It was a sad day.

In a burst of creative energy this summer, Hubby Dear decided he would try making them, and figured out a way to do it safely. Our first batch of mini scherenschnitte, in our very own Itty Bitty frames made right here on the farm is  ready to go…


And a close-up, since they’re hard to see…


They’re slightly smaller than 3″ x 3″ and 3″ x 4″, and are $24 and $26, respectively. The frames are Hills & Valleys or Tiger Stripe, in either Cranberry or Umber. Colors vary slightly… sometimes the reds & blues are switched (except on the flag of course, because that would be not right.) and the larger eagles say America! or Liberty! or Freedom! Three of our favorite words. I think they deserve exclamation points. Especially when written very small.

Something else we did today was to list a couple of early limited edition pieces on Ebay… we re-painted the living room a while back, and some of the things that used to hang on the walls never made it back onto the walls. Actually, very little has been re-hung… I’m really liking the white space. Must be middle age? In the midst of the folk art that didn’t get re-hung were two limited edition pieces from a while back…If you click on their titles, you’ll find the link…


Blessed is the Nation



God Grants Liberty

They need a good home!

And before I sign out, you’ve got to go take a peek at some Itty Bitty things that aren’t so Itty Bitty anymore… our sweet little Grand Boys! Jordan just put up the cutest pictures, and Nana’s are allowed to brag a bit, aren’t they? And while you’re there, check out Jo’s new photography site! It’s fabulous!

Scratch & Dent Freebie…

Actually it’s not scratched or dented. At one of our spring shows, we had a very rainy day, and fortunately, this picture was the only casualty. The damage was so minute that we just discovered it. So, it’s either toss the papercutting and recycle the frame, or offer it as a Freebie on the blog! I thought you all might like the Freebie idea.


It’s a pretty Pennsylvania German floral, with my very favorite Bible verse penned around the border… Philippians 4:8. The water damage is a little smudge in the bottom right hand corner…


… and you pretty much need your bifocals on to see it. If you’d like to be included in the drawing, just leave a comment on this post, and I’ll randomly select one on June 30th. (Please make sure you leave your e-mail as you comment… not in the post, but in the “posting process” so I can get in touch with you!) Winner to be announced as soon as I can get a post up in July! 

The only gift is a portion of thyself.
~ Emerson ~ 

Etsy, revisited.

Hello folks! We’ve been working tonight on getting our long-neglected Etsy site up and running again. Hopefully, we’ll be putting some of our picture frames on there, but all we managed tonight was to upload a set of small scherenschnitte… Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme. I added them in the correct order (like the old S & G song) but forgot that they would show up backward, so the song reference lost something in the translation.


On a happy note, we saw PEOPLE in the store today! Mom and I have been getting a little lonely wondering where everyone was hiding, but we had folks in all day today! And they were happy people, which means a lot to two lonely shopkeepers! We had tea and discussed its many virtues with a lovely Scottish lady who was nearly 90 years old. She had played 9 holes of golf before she came to the store today with her two daughters. I hope I’m doing that good at 90! 

Have a good night and God Bless!

After Show Updates!

Hello Folks! We’ve just spent the last 5 hours or so scanning and adding pictures to our Currently for Sale page… and we ended up adding Page 2 and Page 3  because it was getting so crowded! Now that we’re home from our spring shows and I can keep track of what we have, we can finally add all those things to the website we’ve been working on this year! There’s still more to come, so check back in the next couple of days. I just got too bleary-eyed to do any more. 



Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace,
whose mind is stayed on Thee.
~ Isaiah 26:3 ~ 


Well, today was framing day! Whew! We didn’t quite get everything finished because Hubby took a break to cut the grass and I took a break to take a nap. (I thought that was a fair deal.) Kate attempted to go yard saling with her Nana this morning, but they couldn’t find any, so she came home, did piles of dishes, and balanced her checkbook, which provided hours of entertainment for us. She does some very interesting things with numbers! It went sort of like this…

“New Math”

Well, not quite, but you get the idea!


One of our Lady Liberty’s made it into a frame! I accidentally reversed her when cutting her out, but those following her will be facing the same direction as the watercolor. I liked how she turned out…


Long may our land be bright,
with freedom’s holy light;
Protect us by Thy might,
Great God, our King! 
~ My Country ‘Tis of Thee ~ 

The Pecking Order…

I finally got this flock of hens in a frame! One of our customers requested a flock of chickens a while back, and after several versions of it, I’m pretty sure this one is my favorite! It really shows the personalities (or chicken-alities?) of the gals in our backyard. I particularly like the attitude of the old gals who is completely unimpressed by the rooster’s loud crow or the squabbles of the younger gals. If you’ve kept chickens, you will definitely understand about the “pecking order.” It can really get vicious sometimes, and we’ve had to rescue more than a few gentle hens from being pecked to death! Some of the terribly wounded ones have recovered though, when sheltered in a quiet spot and shown lots of love and a bit of first-aid. We had one named “Sweetie” that was so bad none of us thought she’d survive, but our resident-mother-hen Kate took her under her wing and doctored her. Sweetie resided with the goats from then on, followed Kate as if she was her protector, and finally passed away gently due to old age.


The frame on this one is actually wider, but it wouldn’t fit in my scanner, so this is a cropped version.
Framed Size 6″ x 12″ (Outside Edges)

P.S. If you have a backyard flock, treat them to a marshmallow every once in a while! They will get their exercise chasing each other around, and you will have stitches in your sides from laughing at their antics!

It is Edward!

You must say that with an English accent, just like Margaret Dashwood does in Sense & Sensibility, as Edward Ferrars comes trotting down the lane to visit the family. This startled little fellow desperately needed a name, and since Edward Hicks was reported to portray himself as the Lion in his Peaceable Kingdoms, naming him “Edward” seemed appropriate. Personally, to me he is very much like Jane’s Edward… wondering how in the world he got into the mess he was in!


This first Courageous Lion is the prototype… meaning Kate took one look at him and claimed him for her very own. What’s a mother to do? So we’ll have to take orders for him. He seemed a little scrunched up in his frame, so he’ll be just a tad smaller next time around. Also, being the first, he gave me ideas for a second… and here it is…


This guy looks a little less startled, and is very happy in his oddly greenish grained frame. (I found a really neat limey-greeny undercoat that I had to try! Perfect!)

Well, it seems as if the rain might be stopping soon… it’s a good thing, since we have a bunch of crafters on the porch at the store today! And Mr. Rick said something about cooking us lunch out back (sorry, not for the public!), which means an Eastern Shore feast, and I don’t want anything to stand in the way of his crabcakes!

Have a blessed Resurrection Day tomorrow! We’ll be greeting it at sunrise in a historic chapel!

A wonderfully fun day…

Today we had our first “Cut & Paint Workshop”… and had a grand time! We got right down to business at 10 this morning, and cut two different papercutting designs…


Then we took a short break to eat lunch, and quickly got back to work at painting… most of the ladies had never tried their hands at watercolor before…


… but they were soon painting like pro’s…


… and don’t you agree they did a great job? I think so!