January is nearly over…

Can you believe it?! We take January and February “off” at the store. It’s usually a working vacation, and ends up being busier than we expect. We do a lot of work in the shop we can’t do normally… deep cleaning, washing of curtains, organizing, and putting away and pulling out merchandise. (Which is a big deal when it’s a major seasonal switcheroo. We close at the end of summer for a couple of weeks too. Folks think we’re nuts, but it’s a much needed respite!) This time Dad has repainted the entire downstairs in the store… a very soft herby sort of green. In January and February, we also squeeze in all those little trips and activities that are difficult to fit in at other times. And we catch up at home on projects and organizing.And we re-think our lives a bit.

Earlier today I read a post about re-thinking our lives on Lesley’s blog. Actually it was several posts and a link to her “January Tidings.” And now January is gone, and February is knocking at the door, but it’s welcome to come in… but I hope it brings some snow as a hostess gift.

Kate and I were absolutely amazed at the response to the Bloggy Giveaway! What fun! Only a few more days and then we get to pick a winner! Thank you all for your participation and fun responses.

I’m adding a few more mini’s to my Farmgirl Etsy site. It takes me a while to upload things, so I’m adding as I get a few free minutes here and there, so check back because there will be more later today, and perhaps tomorrow. Hubby also pointed out that my link was bad for the Farmgirls on Etsy blog, so there it is in case you’re inclined to visit!

And let’s see… Miss Jane, if you’re out there, please tell Mr. Joe his mirror is nearly finished. It’s in the varnishing stages, and we’re taking extra special care with it! I think it’s going to turn out lovely!

And what else… Oh yes! I caught a mouse this morning. It gave me quite a scare at 5 a.m. the other day. Popped out from nowhere just as I was about to start the coffee. And when I went looking I found evidence of where the little bugger had been exploring. My guess is that the pantry upheaval caused him to look elsewhere for nourishment. He’s been eluding Oreo for several days now, although she’s kept a vigilant watch upon the crack between the fridge and cabinets. However, a hunk of Kate’s bread smeared with peanut butter stuck onto a mouse trap did the trick. Who could resist homemade bread? Now mind you, it’s not that I don’t like mice… I’ve rescued my fair share of them from kitties that I know. However, I do not like them in my kitchen, especially since one took up residence in the insulation of my oven a few years ago. That was not good, and upon discovery of where the stench was coming from, the oven went directly outside and we went directly to Lowe’s to purchase a new one. And right now, we can’t afford a new oven, so it was me or the mouse. And now I’m going to reload my weapon (hubby dear loves that wordage), in case the little creature has any relatives.

And finally… a surprise! The store is going to have a website and blog! There’s not much there at present, but it’s part of our family’s re-thinking process, and is a “next step” for Hudson’s General Store! We’re not actually planning on internet sales, but hoping to use it for information and a way to keep in touch with our customers. It looks a lot like my blog right now… because WordPress only has one or two “old-fashioned looking” templates. One of my next ventures is into the world of CSS so I can figure out how to revise the backgrounds a bit. Stay tuned, though, because we’re about to really get busy over there!


P.S. February Journaling Activities coming tomorrow! I didn’t forget!:-)

Bloggy Giveaway Carnival ’08!

I bumped into the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival ’08 when I visited dXymiss’s blog this afternoon, and Kate & I decided we needed to join in the fun! Kate posted some cute coffee cup cozies she knitted, and my offering is a mini Scherenschnitte..

PLEASE NOTE… Original frame was damaged slightly while putting on sawtooth hanger… had to re-frame in another grained frame! Sorry for the mess-up!

.meandyou.jpgIt’s a tiny little papercutting, hand-cut & painted, and inscribed with “Me” and “You”… perfect for your Valentine! And, it’s free! Just post a comment telling who you’re planning on sharing it with! Comments are open until midnight Saturday (EST), and I’ll announce the randomly drawn winner on Sunday. The giveaway is open to those in the United States, and to both bloggers and non-bloggers! Have a great night!