A New Place to Write…

Hi Folks! It’s been a little while since I’ve been on here. There have been several attempts at organizing this blog, as well as a few failed “blogging challenges” I’ve assigned to myself in order to encourage consistency. They have not worked, and I came to the conclusion that I just needed to start completely over in a new space. I’m working diligently on moving over some of my favorite posts, but it will be a slow process.


If you go read THIS POST you will understand my slowness completely!

So here it is…


You can also get there by using this blog’s old domain name…


Just click on the “blog” icon once there!

I am slowly moving the Art Journaling pages over
to the new blog… They are still here, but as I move each
post over, I’ll be deleting that specific post here so I don’t
get confused about which still need to be moved.

The Art Journaling blog posts will still be free, and I’m
trying to make them as “printable” as I can, but once 
everything is moved, I will also offer an eBook for a small 
fee, that can more easily be printed from your computer
or taken on sketching journeys on your mobile device. 

See ya on the new blog!

Kim 🙂

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