Simple Learning & Day #15… Books on a Theme

One of the favorite Christmas presents this year was a tiny bit “retro”…


A brand new version of The Farmer Says…

Just like the ones Hubs and I had as kids…

…And our girls had as kids…

…Same animals, same farmer making the sounds.

The only difference is the size… It’s much smaller and
much easier for little hands to hold and operate.

And it created quite an interest in farm critters among the toddler crowd.

And when interest is at its peak, what better time to pull
together an impromptu Farm Theme Unit Study?

Not a “sit down and do school” sort of unit study, but a small
pile of toys and books that all follow the same theme.


The barn and critters were an eBay find… Looking for more critters to fill out the barnyard!

And then we looked for books…


Some of the board books were from our stash here at home, and a few are from the library. (Actually, we fell in love with a couple of the library books and went searching on Amazon for our own copies!) When I went digging through our books, I was surprised at how many focused on farm animal sounds! Little Blue Truck  and The Very Busy Spider were already popular reads around here, but it hadn’t crossed my mind that they were about farm animals.

One of my favorite new finds, is Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton. There’s even a fun “reading” of it on YouTube, which thrilled my Civil War dancing heart. (Dancing to it in a crazy sort of way also thrills the heart of a certain little man!)

The plan is to leave these toys and books out during the whole month of January, and play with them often. It’ll be neat to see how many animal sounds we learn, and which animals names we can recognize at the end of the month. So far we have “moo” and “baaa” down, as well as a very impressive monkey sound, thanks to Curious George. (Maybe next month we’ll move on to a Noah’s Ark theme? I don’t know very many farms that have monkeys.)

2 thoughts on “Simple Learning & Day #15… Books on a Theme

  1. Once a homeschool mom, always a homeschool mom! It all comes back, doesn’t it? Have lots of fun with your unit study! I’d love to hear those little animal sounds! 😀

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