If it’s paper…


If it’s paper… You can make a papercutting with it!

Pretty simple, huh?

If you thought the tools for the art of paper cutting were pretty basic,
the necessary materials are even easier to find!

You can probably find it right in your desk drawer!


Any kind will work.

Two things to keep in mind:
1. Thickness
2. Purpose

Thickness of the paper you use matters… especially if you do multiple-folded papercuttings, like snowflakes perhaps, because as you fold the paper two, three, or more times, it is harder to cut through it neatly with scissors. Generally, the more folds you want to cut through, the thinner the paper you need.

Thickness goes hand-in-hand with Purpose… Snowflakes that will be pasted onto your window can be made from thinner paper than papercut ornaments that you will hang on your Christmas tree, which would need to be pretty sturdy to keep their shape. If your purpose is to paint on the papercutting or to add calligraphy, you need to choose a paper that will accept those mediums.

So I thought I’d give a list of paper resources below!

Paper Resources:

Copy Paper
24 lb. is a good standby paper…
There are lots of nice business papers available too!

Silhouette Paper
Black on one side, white on the other so you can draw or trace a design.

Graphite Transfer Paper
For tracing designs on Silhouette Paper

Origami Paper
For those who want thin, sturdy paper that will fold and cut easily

Scrapbooking Paper
The design possibilities are endless…
…Available at any good craft or hobby store!

Canson Mi-Tientes Paper
Nice and thick… Will accept watercolors, acrylics, and ink.

Parchment Paper
The best surface for calligraphy!

Chain-Laid Paper
Great Texture for historic papercuttings.
Will also accept paint and ink…
Stains well and looks like an antique piece.

Watercolor Paper
Accepts paint well… Smooth textures also accept ink well.
Get the lightest weight possible.
Watercolor paper does NOT fold well… it cracks!

Handmade Paper
Fun for collage work… Test it out if using paint or ink…
… Often doesn’t have “sizing” and watery medium will bleed.

Construction Paper
Great for kids who want to try out papercutting!

Coffee Filters
Perfect for folding into snowflakes!

But seriously…
…Before you go and buy lots of paper,

just pull some out of your drawer at home and 
try your hand at snipping paper!

2 thoughts on “If it’s paper…

  1. Thanks Merrie! I’m amazed at all the paper possibilities! Really just scratched the surface! (And I have to make myself behave when standing in the craft paper aisle!) 😄 Thanks for stopping by!

    Kim ☺️

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