Paper Cutting 101

I realized after I linked up the button for the Write 31 Days project
that “31 Days of Paper Cuts” just might be taken the wrong way.


We’re going to be talking about the ART of paper cutting…
…not those miserable little cuts that come from a piece of paper!


This month, we’re going to be exploring a traditional craft called “Scherenschnitte.” That big word is pronounced “Sharon-shnit” and it literally means “scissor snipping.” It’s a Pennsylvania German folk craft that has its roots in Europe… Mostly Switzerland and Germany. Paper cutting actually has roots in many countries around the world, countries like Israel… China… Poland and Mexico. There are quite a variety of styles and methods, and hopefully we’ll get a chance to take a look at some of them!


So… Going to keep today’s post short, because this post is mostly a launching point for the series. All the 31 Days of Paper Cuts links and buttons will lead you here so you can easily find the post you’re looking for! I hope you enjoy the blog this month!

31 Days of Paper Cuts Intro

Paper Cutting 101 & Index of Posts

A Little Bit of Paper Cutting History

Tools of the Trade

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