Attempting a Comeback… And Read-Aloud Day #13!


The past few months have been rather eventful.

I think I may have typed that sentence several times before on this blog.

But seriously.

Two new grandbabies.
That makes FIVE total !!!!!

(So far!)

Two weeks in California.

A very busy and very sweet little fella living with us.

Finishing up the downstairs house remodel.
(I almost have a finished studio again!!!)

Definitely qualifies as eventful…
…Awesomely Wonderful Events!!!

I’ve been hoping to pick back up the 31 Days of Reading Aloud
series, and hopefully finish it before next October. Just in case I
decide to try this month-long blogging challenge one more time!



Day 13… Alphabet Books!

One of my favorite types of picture books are those that teach the ABC’s!

Especially those with rhythm and rhyme!
I think I could quote this entire book…
“Big A, Little a. What begins with A?
Aunt Annie’s alligator, A – a – A”

photo 4

A new favorite…
“Skit skat skoodle doot,
Flip flop flee…
…I’ll beat you to the top of the coconut tree!”

photo 6

I also love Alphabet books that are
written around a specific subject…
Like this one that takes little folks on a
journey around Colonial Williamsburg!

photo 5

Next time you’re in a bookstore or at the library,
check out the fun variety of Alphabet books!

Maybe I’ll eventually get this one finished…


Do you have any favorites?

2 thoughts on “Attempting a Comeback… And Read-Aloud Day #13!

  1. Some of my favorite alphabet books are the “Discover America State by State” series… B is for Blue Crab: A Maryland Alphabet Book…K is for Keystone: A Pennsylvania Alphabet Book…and so on. Although these are alphabet books, they’re not really for the preschool set. Each double page spread has a little four line verse about the state (for younger readers) as well as more detailed text with lots of information. We loved reading through these books to learn US Geography. (And when I say “we,” I am including myself. I loved them!) 🙂

    I am glad that you’re resuming your series! And that your away-from-the-blog time has been filled with good things!

  2. I forgot about those, Cheryl! We had a copy of “F is for First State,” but i sent it to the California Grands! 😀

    Sleeping Bear Press also does other historical ABC books… I “met” Nancy Sanders though an online mini-course she did about writing alphabet books! She wrote “D is for Drinking Gourd!”

    It feels good to get back to writing… Ideas for blog posts and this series kept popping up in my head, but the bubbles seemed to burst before I could get to the computer! But the delay has definitely been due to some wonderful blessings!

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