It snowed last night…

We live in southern Delaware.

Near the ocean.

And do not get much snow.


Every time a big storm blows in from the west, and the media goes bananas and predicts blizzard-like conditions for the eastern seaboard, we suddenly become “The South” and get nothing but slush and ice. Seriously… my friends and family that live 15 minutes north or west get snow. We get freezing rain. And slush. And ice-covered everything. (Which IS actually pretty!)


When the snow comes from the south…

…And the media ignores it until the last minute…

…THEN we get our snow, and it’s a good one!


4 thoughts on “It snowed last night…

  1. Your art work is charming. I love the snowflake border.

    We live in the suburbs of Philadelphia so my kids are thrilled to finally have a snow day. Last winter (our first since moving to the U.S.) had them thinking they would get loads of snow days each winter.

  2. I came to your blog for the monthly nature journaling pages and stayed for all the wonderful goodness! I’m particularly enjoying the 31 days of Reading Aloud!

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