Grace upon grace…


I grew up saying grace at every meal.

I knew what it meant be a “graceful” young lady…
…and gave up on wearing high heals because they
were definitely not adding to my “gracefulness.”

(I walk like my Dad. It was kind of hilarious.)

But not too many years ago, I discovered the
real meaning of the word “Grace.”

God’s unmerited favor.

His love and forgiveness for us…
His favoring us…
His laying down His life for us…

… When we didn’t even deserve it.

As Christians, we can demonstrate a small portion
of grace to those around us by helping, forgiving,
loving, being patient, and offering kindness.

And we can offer a bit of grace to our own selves…
…by realizing we all fail, we all fall…
…and by not expecting perfection from ourselves.

So, for this next year,
my One Word is going to be

For from His fulness, we have all received grace upon grace.
John 1:16

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