Day #12 – Books that Inspire Creativity

Feeling creative?

Or not so much?

Below are some new picture books that help kids get in an artsy mood!

Mouse Paint is a  fun little book that teaches primary and secondary colors…
…Three white mice have a grand time splashing about in paint!


And a little more color fun for the older kids…
The Day the Crayons Quit is a book of protest…The crayons are fed up with
their normal jobs and are mad at each other, so they write letters
to a little boy named Duncan, telling him all their woes.


The Dot is another book with a bit of attitude…
Vashti is having a bad case of artist’s block, and in frustration makes a
angry jab at her paper, creating a dot in the center of the page.
She discovers that The Dot can be a beginning of a great work of art!


And for those of us who have kids that get Very Upset when making a mistake…
Beautiful Oops! gives lots of ideas to turn a mess up into something beautiful!


And… Though not necessarily about being creative, Press Here
will get your kids creatively involved in the reading process…


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