Day #8 – And the ladies…

Decided not to worry that the “Day” matches the “Date”
in this year’s 31 Days of  Reading Aloud Project!

Guilt for being late now officially deleted.


Who could do a blog series about children’s picture books and not mention two Very Special Ladies? While the guys we talked about in the last post were a bit stylized and modern, these two ladies are decidedly old-fashioned. The first is old-fashioned because of when she lived and worked… The second completely by choice.

Beatrix Potter is known for being one of the very first female author/illustrators in the world of children’s picture books. When we think of Miss Potter, she seems to be the epitome of “old-fashioned,” but in reality, she was quite the progressive! Though she was born into English society, she did not want to follow the path of marriage for wealth or title, but instead wanted to marry for love and live a simple life in the countryside. Miss Potter had made up stories and painted pictures since she was a little girl, and as a young woman she decided to have one of her stories published. She was turned down by several publishing houses who thought her “bunny book” would never be successful, but finally her little book was chosen for publication by Warne Publishing. Unlike most authors of her day, Beatrix was very involved in the production of her books for children, from choosing a small size that was just right for little ones’ hands, to personally approving the colors used in duplicating her illustrations. Her first little book proved to be unbelievably successful…


Miss Potter lived quite an interesting life, and if you’d like to know more about her,
take a look at this list of books.
You can also watch this wonderfully sweet movie.

You’ll need a hankie.

You’ll also want to read aloud all Miss Potter’s sweet stories to your little folks…


Tasha Tudor was born almost half a century after Beatrix Potter. Tasha was born into Boston society, but she also wanted to live an old-fashioned lifestyle… and she did. Like Miss Potter, Tasha persisted on having her first book published even though editors turned her down. She became known for her sweet, softly colored watercolor illustrations, which were often surrounded by elaborately detailed borders. Her first book was published in 1938, and thus began a 70 year career in illustration…


Tasha also lived a life that has intrigued many people all over the world.
This movie is a wonderful introduction to her lifestyle.

Warning: You may decide to raise goats and chickens after watching it.

We did.

Needless to say, Tasha is my Very Favorite Children’s Book Author and Illustrator…

…Guess how excited I was to find out we share them same birthday!!!

Reading aloud favorites by Tasha?


… and also Corgiville Fair and Corgiville Christmas!

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