Day #3 – Something to chew on…

It’s never too early to read to children…


Even the tiniest babies can benefit from literature they can sink their teeth into…




That’s why they make “Board Books,” those heavy duty books for babies created out of thick bookbinder board. Just in case your wee one has a hankering for gnawing on their reading material. They also make books for babies out of cloth or vinyl, which is great, because those are washable or wipeable. Books for babies are sometimes abridged versions of picture books for older kids, like the Board Book version of Dr. Suess stories. They are sometimes interactive “Toy Books,” where your little one can lift flaps, peek into mirrors, turn things, crinkle stuff, or pat fluffy bunny tummies. They may be “Concept Books,” which teach things like colors, numbers, or days of the week. They may just be “Vocabulary Books,” with pictures of animals or foods or just everyday items on each page.


Books made specifically for babies are a wonderful way
to begin the Reading Aloud Journey with you child.


I hope you got a few at your baby shower!


ReadingAloudImageClick on the picture above to read the entire series!

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