Day 25 – Share What You Have…


I vote we move the 31 Days Project to mid-Winter.

When nothing else is happening, and there’s plenty of time to blog.

Now… Back to Taking Joy!

One of the best ways to spread Joy! to those around us is to share what we have with others. When we hold onto things tightly, and hoard them away for ourselves, we can start to resemble a toddler declaring “Mine!” when it comes to sharing their toys. Sharing is much more fun than fighting over stuff. Most of us have more than we need, anyway. This time of year, as we move into the Holiday season,  is an especially good time to think about sharing… What do we have that we can share with others? Let’s think practically…

Extra clothes? Things we’ve outgrown?
Do you know someone with kids a bit smaller than yours?

Too many toys? Can we make some room in the toy chest?
It will be overflowing in just a few weeks.

An excess of Holiday decorations?
Is there a newly married couple who might be lacking
ornaments for their tree or need a Nativity Set?

A cake, pie, or batch of muffins?
Do the two of us really need to eat all that,
or would our neighbor appreciate a surprise?

A too-big pot of soup you made and now you wonder
if you thought you were cooking for an army?
Could you freeze it in meal-size portions for
an elderly shut-in at church?

A free afternoon? Is there a young mom that
might appreciate the chance to grocery shop alone?

Your secret chocolate stash?
Would your teen-ager feel extra special if you
pulled a Hershey bar out of nowhere during a
soul-baring after-school conversation?

Or your Hubby after a long day at work?

When we start thinking about what we can give away instead of what we can gather for ourselves, our perspective on Joy! really takes on a new shape. Our thoughts on what is “enough” really begin to change… allowing us to give away more. And there is so much more Joy! in giving than in receiving!


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