Day 21 – Take Joy in Work!

The LORD God took the man and put him
in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.

Genesis 2:15

Did you know that work is a good thing?


When The Lord created Adam, He gave him a job to do… The task of tending a beautiful garden. It was a satisfying occupation… A gift. Adam’s work was meant to be a joy, but because of disobedience, our work is often hindered with struggles and hardships. Thorns and thistles and sweat of the brow.


However, it is good to remember that the job, the task, the occupation is still a good thing. Whether we’re a stay-at-home Mom, carpenter, teacher, doctor, or business owner, our work has great importance. Even the quietest occupations can be a blessing to others, as well as to ourselves.


Take Joy! in the blessing of work!

(P.S. This post stemmed from a little
talk I had to have with myself today!)


She seeks wool and flax, and works willingly with her hands.
~Proverbs 31:13~


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