Day 19 – Take Joy in Rest!




White Space

When I was young, nothing was open on Sunday, except the little service station around the corner…just in case you ran out of gas, milk, or bread. Really. Milk and bread were pretty much the only groceries that Mr. Fuzzy (His real name as far as I can remember) carried.  I can remember when the first convenience store opened, and the controversy/excitement of having a store that would be open until 11 at night, and on Sunday. I was in sixth grade, and the world was changing.

Fast forward to 2013. Sixth grade is a long-distance memory… even for my children! 😀 We now live in a 24/7 world.  You can do just about anything you want on Sunday except mail a letter. Everything in life rolls on, sort of like a madly spinning hamster wheel, and it can be a little scary to jump off when that thing is turning so fast!

But there is Joy! to be found in rest.

Rest wasn’t created as a punishment,
a giant set of rules to follow,
or for us to not be allowed to do fun stuff.

It was created so we could have a break from work.

A Holy Day… A Holiday

Begin now to incorporate some “down time” into your week.




Take a nap, if you like.

Take Joy! in resting!


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