Day 18 – Take Joy in Creativity!

Did you know we were created to be creative?


We were made in the very image of the Creator,
so it only stands to reason that we would have
inherited at least a teeny tiny bit of His creativity.


One of the ways I Take Joy! is to make things. I’ll bet you have some area where you express your creativity too! It might be drawing or painting. Or sewing. Or cooking and baking. Or decorating your home. Or gathering a bouquet of flowers from your yard. Or telling stories to your little ones. Or pulling weeds. Or fixing things. Or making the windows sparkle and shine. We all have some area in which we add beauty and order to our world.


Whatever your area of creativity, I encourage you to encourage it!


It may seem awkward at first,
until you master the basics,
but eventually it will be a way for you to…

Take Joy!


3 thoughts on “Day 18 – Take Joy in Creativity!

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