Day 11 – Seek Joy in the Everyday

Photo by Katie Donovan

Photo by Katie Donovan

Attitude is everything. We can look at that pile of dirty dishes with disdain and feel grumpy about the next half hour of life, or we can fill the sink with hot sudsy water and yummy smelling dish soap and scrub away Joy!fully. Just so you know, I tested out this theory early this morning… The last couple of days have been very full, and my kitchen has suffered. Had to wash dishes before I could even make coffee and mix up the frozen OJ. BUT… my Mom had just brought me a fresh bottle of Pink Grapefruit Dish Soap back as a little treat from a recent jaunt, so I decided this was the morning to crack it open. I needed a bit of help in the Joy! department at 6 a.m. with no coffee, and didn’t even wait to finish off my grocery store soap.

We have so many opportunities to be Joy!ful in our everyday, but we miss them because we think of the “everyday” as mundane, drudgery, boring, commonplace, routine, humdrum, or tedious. Can we decide today to get a better attitude? Or better yet, to actually seek Joy! in those everyday moments?


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