Day 7 – Choose Joy!


We spent the first week or so of the Nester’s 31 Day Series looking at what true Joy! is, and where it comes from… Now I’d like to switch gears a bit, and look at some practical ways to Take Joy! Since we’re all human beings here, we need some down-to-earth ways and some daily reminders to be joyful. Maybe some ways to boost our Joy! To fill up our tank, so to speak.

The first thing to do when deciding to Take Joy! is to actually choose to be joyful. That sounds redundant, I know. But the first step in doing something is always making the decision to do something. I just realized that it’s Monday morning… The day of the week where we often need to grab ourselves by the bootstraps, stand ourselves up straight, look at the week ahead, and tell ourselves, “I can DO this.”

Monday is actually one of my favorite days of the week. Not sure why. Maybe somewhere back in my childhood it was a tiny decision to Take Joy! But really… Mondays to me seem like a fresh start instead of a weekly prison sentence. It’s a day to get my act together, to aim for following a schedule once again, to put the house in order after a busy weekend, to start a new “To Do List.”

So it’s Monday.


Choose to be Joy!ful this week.

Choose to make this the best week you can.

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