31 Days to Take Joy!


In little ways, and in big ways…

in special celebrations, and in the everyday…

in the here-and-now, and in light of eternity…

Take Joy!

Join with me during the month of October
as part of The Nester’s 31 Days Project 2013
in a non-project-y project of seeking Joy!

(I was seriously in need of a non-project-y project!)

Each day will be a little glimpse of Joy…
a little idea to brighten the day…
or maybe just the attitude.


Scroll down as posts are added below!

Day 1 – The Gloom of the World

Day 2 – Defining Joy!

Day 3 – Down in My Heart

Day 4 – Count it All Joy!

Day 5 – EnJOY!

Day 6 – From the Word

Day 7 – Choose Joy!

Day 8 – Give Thanks

Day 9 – A Contented Heart

Day 10 – Bloom Where You are Planted

Day 11 – Seek Joy in the Everyday

Day 12 – A Bowlful of Fruit

Day 13 – From the Word

Day 14 – What Brings You Joy?

Day 15 – Family Joy!

Day 16 – Joyful Friends!

Day 17 – Sing with Joy!

Day 18 – Take Joy in Creativity!

Day 19 – Take Joy in Rest!

Day 20 – From the Word

Day 21 – Take Joy in Work!

Day 22 – Simple Joys!

Day 23 – Give Joy!

Day 24 – As Simple as a Smile!

Day 25 – Share What You Have!

Day 26 – Give From Your Heart!
Includes a Giveaway!

Day 27 – From the Word

4 thoughts on “31 Days to Take Joy!

  1. Joy in the Lord gives me strength every day. Ever since my mother, after she died, came to me in a dream telling me not to be sad but to have JOY……

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