On Living in Delaware…

I live in a small state.

It takes about 45 minutes to drive from the Atlantic
Ocean to the western edge of our state…
…Unless it is Summer and
“beach traffic” is involved.

It takes a little over two hours to drive from the
transpeninsular line that separates us from
Maryland, to the tip of the “Arc” that defines
our boundary against the state of Pennsylvania.

On our state seal, our official motto is
Liberty and Independence…


Delaware is called  The First State
because we were the very first state to
ratify the U.S. Constitution in 1787.

We’re also called The Small Wonderand that nickname is one of my favorites.
Except for some travel courtesy of the Navy, Hubby and I have lived
our whole lives in Delaware,and have experienced the
wonder of growing up in a very small, very connected state.

A state where…
…You can travel two hours and bump into someone you know.
…You are related to just about everyone in some way or another.
…You know your state senators and representatives by their first names.
…You begin making new connections by comparing old connections.

A state where friendships that you make can
open doors later in life that you never expected.


Yesterday, thanks to the encouragement of an old and dear friend,
our family was blessed to be able to spend some time with Governor Markell.

And, because The Diamond State not only shines as a “jewel among states,”
according to Thomas Jefferson, but also as a friend to other nations,
papercuttings made in a Sussex County farmhouse with a red tin roof
made it all the way to some very special people in Israel.


Special thanks to my friend Kathy
and to Governor Markell and his staff
for this very special opportunity!

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