Expanding a Design…

We’ve been filling quite a few special orders around here, and it’s been difficult for me to switch gears and get some new designs “up and going.” I find it hard to strike a balance between producing old designs and playing around with new ones… Either the former or the latter takes over, and something always falls between the cracks. However, the idea of “Home” has been consistently coming to the front of my foggy brain, and a new design has recently emerged…


I’ve been wanting to try cutting something larger with my brand new Silhouette Cameo, and this is the first cutting of this design that came “off the press,” so to speak! When I learned about the Cameo, I had mixed feelings. Something similar to how the lacemakers, weavers, and spinners must have felt when the Industrial Revolution hit and factories began making in a few moments what took them hours, or even days to create. Watching that amazing machine cut away at paper had me and my entire family standing there in awe… And in my mind I was thinking “I’ve just been downsized!”

But then I tried to look at the other side of the coin.

I’ve been cutting paper for almost a quarter of a century. Every day. I love it, but must admit that I often fuss about how my eyes hurt now when I push them beyond their daily limit, and ย grumble about a sore arm and neck when I’ve been doing lots of papercutting. Maybe it WAS time to take on an assistant. So, during the rest of March, I’m going to play around with this design, exploring the many ways that it can be expanded into products… and hopefully make the best use of technology in the process. Stay tuned!

And… A Giveaway!

The above electronically-cut papercutting
Home is Where the Heart Is
(Mounted on Lime card stock, Fits an 8″ x 10″ frame)
will be given away at the end of this month!

Leave a comment on this post to enter…

…You can include ideas for ways to expand this design if you’d like…

… And we’ll have a drawing on March 31st to determine the winner!

10 thoughts on “Expanding a Design…

  1. Beautiful new work! I’m sure you’ll find loads of stuff for your assistant to help out with – even if it’s just bouncing ideas around ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. What a beautiful design! I love papercrafts of all kinds, and though I’ve never done any paper-cutting, I have always admired and been fascinated by the simplicity and complexity that can be achieved by a design cut from a single sheet of paper. And I know what you mean about having mixed feelings about new technology; it is a mixed blessing. The main complaint I have with new technology is that it tends to take the soul out of things; but, with your years of experience in hand-cutting paper, you have the expertise and eye for how a handcrafted work should look, as evidenced by your above design. You’ve found a way to translate your vision without losing the soul of the project, but also without losing your eyes. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. I love all your art ideas that you share….we have used some in our homeschooling. Thanks so much. I love your paper cutting…we have tried a little and realize all the skill that goes into a piece. Your work is wonderful!

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  6. I love your work, Kim, especially when you combine it with the watercolors. ๐Ÿ™‚ Still getting compliments on our wedding cutting your personalized for us!

  7. Kim not to worry after all the assistant I have heard is kind of lazy and if you don’t push her buttons she won’t even work so you are needed!!!! Love this design, this to shall be a winner for you. nancy settel

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