Nooks and Crannies…

Where did February go?!?

Most of it went to straightening up, sorting through, giving away, tossing out, and putting back. And I’m still at it. Somewhere around the time that our girls became teenagers, and through the years of girlfriends and sleepovers, Civil War Balls and high school activities, and gentleman callers and courtships and weddings, and empty nest shufflings and me returning to college… the house got filled up with stuff. We could still squish most of it into closets and cupboards, and give it a “lick and a promise” cleaning when company came over, but in the back of my mind, I knew what was lurking behind cupboard doors and in spare rooms. Stuff, stuff, and more stuff.


This one was stuffed to the brim with homeschool resources.
Earlier today, the top shelf looked worse then the bottom.


There were lots of books I used as resources for art courses…


… And lots of papers and such.


After a bazillion trips to the Thrift Shop to donate stuff, phone calls to daughters to see what is really important, e-mails to friends to see if they want any of this stuff, re-readings of all the books on my “get organized” shelf, umpteen bags of non-donatable things headed to the dumpster, and several storage box purchases at the new Dollar General down the street, I’m seeing some light at the end of the stuff tunnel. I’m down to just the stuff in various unorganized cupboards. However, when I tackle a cupboard here near the end of the battle, it seems like I pull it all out, sort it into piles, and put most of it back. Hmph.

We have a couple of rainy days heading our way…
…I’m hoping a few stay-inside-and-hibernate days will
give me the chance to conquer the clutter monster once and for all.

I am quite determined.

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