Fresh Starts…

Don’t you love fresh starts?

January always feels like an empty notebook to me,
and it’s a good time to start a new art journal!


I’ve discovered that slightly bumpy plane rides are perfect for drawing wiggly branches. I’m trying to think of turbulence in a positive light.

…It’s all a matter of perspective, I guess!


And, though it’s hard to sketch in tight quarters,
having compact art supplies helps a bunch…


I found these a few years ago at Barnes & Noble and they’re still available!

Having a whole day of travel gave me the opportunity to get a new journal going for this year. I’m going with my “Home” theme…
…Nesting, Dwelling, and Being.

If you need some ideas for art journaling, scroll down on the sidebar here, and click on the “Art Journaling” category! Lots of things to get you started!

Or visit this wonderful blog

There’s a translator button on the sidebar…

What a beautiful, creative blog… Can’t wait to see their art journal develop throughout this upcoming year! Thanks for stopping by, Annemieke!

3 thoughts on “Fresh Starts…

  1. Just wanted you to know that I just found your blog a week or so ago and I love it. Thanks for sharing…I love to art journal but don’t always take time to do, so you have given me some much needed inspiration through your monthly journal ideas! So today we do ART, yeah!!

  2. Hi Kim, I am enjoying your blog and I really love your monthly inspiration pages for journaling. I can’t seem to find one for July and August. Are they posted on your blog? If not can you email them to me? Thanks, Love your inspiration ideas to help kickstart each month for my 1st journal. Excited about getting started:)

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