A Resolution, of sorts…

I actually like to make New Year’s Resolutions.

They sort of make you feel like there’s a possibility
of getting your act together, once and for all.

And then January 2nd rolls around.

A couple of weeks ago, I read a blog post about
choosing just one word for the  new year.

And that sounded a lot easier than making normal resolutions…

… And a lot harder.

And maybe a little over simplified…


…Was there just one thing that I needed to focus on this year?

…Something the Lord had placed on my heart
that I might have neglected in my busy-ness?

It took quite a bit of thought, and a whole scribbly mess of words
being jotted down, circled, grouped together, and crossed off.

And one word began to stand out…


And that one word led to a bunch of words
that encompass the idea of Home.

I’m sure there are more.

Beyond the Empty Nest
and the “What Now?”
Home has been waiting patiently.


2 thoughts on “A Resolution, of sorts…

  1. Thanks, Juli! I love eveything Compassion is doing on the blog and on Pinterest. It’s really helping people see the needs of children around the world and that they can do something to help.

    Did the graphic in the “Tag Cloud” app, and then played with the colormand background in the PS Express app on my iPad! Super easy!

    Kim 🙂

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