Shiny Sink…

Do you know FlyLady?

Love her for her organizational wisdom!

Her #1 Baby Step for getting your act together…

Shine Your Sink.

I made a good sized dent in the Art Room Clutter yesterday morning, and today, decided to start at the “Sink” end of the room, and move toward the “Step” end, in one controlled swoop. My Art Room used to be our attached one-car garage that has never, ever had a car in it… It was Hubby’s workshop until he moved it to the horse barn. (Poor guy… Pretty tight quarters there too! But there is room for expansion!) We opened up a wide doorway from the garage into our dining room.

Best thing/Worst thing we ever did.

Best, because I like to work in my living space.
…Not up in a lonely spare room away from everything that is
going on. I can check on dinner, scan things on the computer,
be there for my family when needed,
or fold a load of laundry in between coats of paint.

Worst, because I like to work in my living space.
…And the stove and dryer beep at me when I’m working on
something really intricate, and I sometimes get distracted,
and the Art Room mess tends to migrate up the steps and
into the places that we should keep ready for company.

All that to make the point that the sink is on one end of the Art Room.

And here it is in all its clean, lovely, shiny splendor…


I LOVE this sink.

It’s an antique…
…Pulled out of a remodel job my Dad did, destined for the dump.

But Dad knew it belonged in my house.

It has a few well-worn places, and a couple of chips in the enamel,
but it looks perfect sitting on top of the retro-style cabinets that Hubby built.

A white sink in an Art Room needs a LOT of tending…
Black paint really does a number on it,
but Ajax and elbow grease can work wonders.

Good storage is needed there too…

This vintage cheese box is a great way to corral all the bottles of
stuff needed to clean dirty brushes and messy kids’ hands…


And a little reminder for myself adds a bit of humor to my day…


Typo intended.


What do you do first, when trying to get a “clean slate” in a room?

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