A Place for Everything…

A place for everything,
And everything in its place.

That is one of my life goals.

Obviously, I still have some work to do.

After a busy Fall season, my desk is a mess…


And our Work Table is even worse…


I usually do NOT show “Before” pictures, but thought you might
like to know that being an artist is not all Glitz and Glam.

Though… if you look really close, you’ll see there actually is quite a
bit of “glitz” on the table, stuck to things it’s not supposed to be stuck to.

It’s even stuck to me…. My nose, forehead, hands, shoes, etc.


Creativity is not necessarily tidy.

BUT… I do like order, when I can manage to achieve it! I’m still working to find the perfect place for everything, and having a spot to put things away helps when the clean-up process begins. You can make a huge dent in a big mess when there’s an easy-to-use organizational system. I keep looking for really cute, vintage-y ways to organize in the art room. Drawers are my favorite, since all you have to do is open them up and drop things into them…




Jars are a favorite too…
These get shuffled around quite a bit, as I grab a jar of color!

Watercolor pencils on the top shelf,
Prismacolors on the bottom.


The green bread box below is filled with small tools.
Patterns in the red “Martha” binders.

There’s even a small jar in the hutch filled with kitty whiskers.

I thought they might come in handy some day.

You never know.


And every studio needs some “Flat Storage.”
This old fridge comes in handy to keep larger items safe.


And smaller papers have a place to be as well…


Now, if I could just learn to “clean as I go” when working on art!

“After” pictures coming another day…

2 thoughts on “A Place for Everything…

  1. I love all your tidy storage spaces! And I love that you have a jar of cat whiskers! (Did you ever read the book Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin? I’ll bet you have…and if not you should!)

  2. Love that book, Cheryl, though I don’t own a copy! (Have borrowed it from the library many times!) It may take a while to get enough whiskers to make a paint brush… But they would make cute whiskers on a stuffed or felted critter.

    Not sure why, but it thrills me to find kitty whiskers around the house! They are rather rare.

    Kim 🙂

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