Moving into December!

Well, I didn’t quite finish the Pie from Scratch series in October… or in November… but have decided that I will save those last few posts for later. November orders, a couple of shows, and preparing Christmas designs have taken their toll on me! I am still working on the book, and it got off to a great start during the 31 Days Project, so I feel that, Lord willing, it will be ready for publication in just a few months! I also learned that one should be working on a “Fall” book the Winter before… There is quite a bit of lead time needed in just the printing prep and publishing period. As things progress, I’ll stick up those last posts! I think they’ll be much better quality and have more information about making a book than if I just try to finish the posts quickly.

So… moving on…


I started working on some new Christmas designs
just before Thanksgiving, with this little watercolor…

Comfort and Joy Watercolor

It’s still not finished, but it has inspired plans for a
“Comfort & Joy” Collection!

First… a paper cutting, of course…


There might be some more tiny Comfort & Joy cuttings,
but my thoughts are leaning toward some printed things!

Gift Tags… Notecards… Christmas Cards…

Why don’t I think of these things in August?

And, in a moment of sheer insanity,
I revisited the little cuttings for pendants…


These are hand cut, hand painted, and REALLY tiny…


… But they have possibilities!


And they should be showing up in
our shop in the next few days!

And in other news, I bought a new toy…


…Which I think might also have possibilities!

It was not supposed to arrive to arrive until next week,
and amazingly showed up LATE last night!

The UPS Guy scared the soup out of me when he knocked
on the door at that hour! He practically ran across the porch…

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Poor guy… I guess late nights are standard issue this time of year.

But alas… We have a show tomorrow and are frantically prepping.

Can’t play with it for a few days.


Come visit us tomorrow at…

Christmas in Odessa!

We’ll be in the Craft Show at the
Appoquinimink Training Center!

(Spell Check went crazy over that one!

Our girl Katie D. of
Corner Chair
will be there too!

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