Pie Filling…

After making the pie crusts, the next step is to
decide on the perfect pumpkin pie filling recipe!

I’m playing with several recipes we’ve used over the years,
trying out all the changes we’ve made to them…

…Like replacing brown sugar for white, for that extra “yum” factor…

And just the right blend of spices…

Hopefully we’ll eventually mix up the perfect pumpkin pie!

Does anyone have a killer pumpkin pie recipe?

I’m experimenting with recipes that use fresh pumpkin
and heavy cream or milk instead of evaporated  or condensed milk.

And I need a recipe that a kid can follow…
…with a little help from her Nana.

Who knows?

Maybe YOUR recipe could be in

Pie from Scratch!

See all the blog posts about making
Pie from Scratch!
by clicking below!

One thought on “Pie Filling…

  1. Well I will tell you what I think is the key to a good pumpkin pie (besides fresh cream) fresh cooked pumpkin. The canned stuff just does not cut it. Long pies are my fav cooking pie. Clarice

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