Old Things…

Nana was an antique dealer. So are my Mom and Dad. My earliest days involved playing with spinning wheels and butter churns, collecting demitasse teacups, and going to yard sales, flea markets, and antique shows. Needless to say, I grew up around lots of Old Things. And now my girls collect Old Things. We all like different sorts of old stuff… Nana liked Primitive Country. Mom and Dad love Colonial Decor. Jo loves Pretty Blue China as well as Mid-Century Modern. Kate and her Hubby like Victorian through Vintage. I like Farmhouse and Schoolhouse, with a touch of Industrial. We’re quite the mix!

One of my favorite kinds of Old Things are things that DO stuff.
I have a few antiques that are just to look at,
but I really like the ones that still function.

Like this antique book press…

It’s one of my favorite new Old Things!

(I’d really like to discover a matching Printing Press…
…in case anyone has one lurking in their shed!)

At the Store, we have lots of Old Things hanging around, and we love it when customers ask about them. There’s a Corn Sheller, Hand Corn Planters, old Feed Bins, Lanterns, big and little Scales, and strange looking Tools, just to name a few of the doodads hanging around Hudson’s.

And there’s this…

It’s a guaranteed conversation starter!

And it’s going to be in Pie from Scratch!

Do you know?

What is it?

See all the blog posts about making
Pie from Scratch!
by clicking below!

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