And the Winner is…

Okay, it was Really Really Hard to pick one “best” pumpkin!

Three more pumpkins came in yesterday, so here are all the new entries…

Bekah’s Pumpkin

Love the leaf you added, Bekah!

Kati’s Pumpkin

Kati, I like how you tucked that leaf behind your pumpkin!

Cheryl’s Pumpkin

Cheryl, great perspective… you hinted at the 3-D-ness
of the pumpkin by showing the back “bumps!”

And here are the earlier entries…

Gavin’s Pumpkin

Maddie’s Pumpkin

Owen’s Pumpkin

Like I said… Picking just ONE was hard!

Harder than I thought it would be!

I couldn’t just CHOOSE

…So I put the names in a basket and
the first one I pulled out was….

I’ve got a special spot in mind for her pumpkin in
Pie from Scratch!

The other three winners are…

They’ll be getting a little pumpkin painting in the mail very soon!

I really wanted to put ALL of the pumpkins in the story…

…they were all so awesome!

Thank you all for joining in the fun!


See all the blog posts about making
Pie from Scratch!
by clicking below!

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