From Scratch…

What does “from scratch” mean?

Evidently, the original meaning has something to do with sporting events… being at the starting line, or having to start over. Later, after boxed baking mixes became available, “from scratch” took on the new meaning of using separate ingredients rather than a mix. However, “from scratch” had an even deeper meaning for my Nana Anne.

Nana was born in 1929, the year of “The Crash”… the official beginning of the Great Depression. She was one of the “older girls” in a farm family of 12 children, and after she finished her schooling at the age of 14, she helped raise her younger brothers and sisters. Life was defined by hard work as a teen, and even as a young wartime bride. “Making do” was a necessity for all of her life, but Nana turned it into a game of sorts. She LOVED to see what she could make out of nothing… from scratch. And she passed the game on to her grandkids. I can remember digging through baskets of scrap material, ribbons, and buttons with her to make something out of nothing. Or telling her I was hungry, and the two of us peeking in the cupboards to see what we could make “from scratch.” She was an expert at whipping up a feast from leftovers in the fridge or making bread or muffins from a little cornmeal or flour.

Annie’s Pumpkin Pie Adventure has grown out of that love of doing things “from scratch.” She wants to know where the ingredients in her pie come from, and how they work together to make a finished product. I think a lot of kids are curious about such things. So much that we eat today comes from the freezer section, a box mix, or a fast-food drive-in window. I’m glad I had a Nana that insisted on making things from scratch, and that passed on her “who-needs-the-store-let’s-see-what-we-have-already” attitude!

What sort of things do YOU like to make “from scratch?”

Don’t forget your Pumpkins!!!

Like to bake things “from scratch?”
A young friend of mine is doing 31 Days of Decadent Desserts!
Pay her a visit and find some great recipes!

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5 thoughts on “From Scratch…

  1. I like to cook from scratch…not that I don’t rely on convenience foods sometimes too. But scratch is almost always better! Of course, I rarely bake. It works out great that I like to cook and Kati likes to bake!

    It was a crazy busy day, but the pumpkins are sketched and will be on their way to you sometime tomorrow. 🙂

  2. I loved the division of kitchen labor that homeschooling provided… I did quick dinners and “mega cooking/freezer dinners,” Jo did gourmet and ethnic dinners, and Kate did old-fashioned comfort food! And then Jo got married… and then Kate… and now …poor Chris! 😀

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