Drawing and Painting Pumpkins… And a Contest!

There’s been a lot of talk about pumpkins around here lately.

And I think it’s about time you learned to draw them.

They are SOOO easy.

I think you can do it.

First, you make a tall oval…

And then you tuck a partial oval behind it on each side…
…Sort of like drawing “ears”…

Then you add another set of “ears”…

And you have your basic Pumpkin body!

Finally, doodle on a stem and vine…

… And a leaf and a curl or two.

I went a little crazy with this one… TWO curls.

It’s okay if your pumpkin is not symmetrical and leans to one side. Have you ever been in a pumpkin patch? Very few of them are perfectly straight. Your leaning-over pumpkin actually looks more “real.” And your stem can go any which way. Now YOU try drawing a pumpkin! I have confidence in you! So much so, that I just had a brainstorm for a Pumpkin Drawing Contest! Rules at the end of the post!!!

Do you want to try painting a pumpkin?

You just need one color for basic pumpkin painting…

Orange. Paint the whole thing pale orange…

Then, with a little bit thicker watercolor,
make a thin stripe of color on the outer edge of
each oval (or “ear”) of the pumpkin…

Mine looks a little schmookie because
I put it on the scanner when still wet.

Not a good idea.

Then when it’s still a bit damp, blend in the stripe of color…
…You’ll still need a bit of paint on your brush…

Yup. Wet paint on the scanner again.
But you get the idea.

Finally, using only clear water on your brush…
…Not a lot, just a little…
…Blend it in completely…

Soon you can paint a whole Pumpkin Patch of Pumpkins!

Copyright Kim Frey, 2012

And now for the…

 Pumpkin Drawing Contest!

If you draw or paint any pumpkins between now and
Sunday, October 14th
I will post them here on the blog!


I will choose my favorite
LINE DRAWING of a Pumpkin

One like this… no color, no extra lines…

To be incorporated into an illustration of
Pie from Scratch!

This is your chance to jump into
Children’s Book Illustration!

Out of ALL the Pumpkins submitted…
…Painted or Unpainted…
I’ll also choose my Three Favorite, and…

The Top Three Pumpkin Artists
will also receive a tiny painting

of a Pie from Scratch Pumpkin!

Contest Deadline: Midnight, Sunday, October 14

E-Mail Entries to:
kim (at) thistledewmercantile.com

See all the blog posts about making
Pie from Scratch!
by clicking below!

10 thoughts on “Drawing and Painting Pumpkins… And a Contest!

  1. I followed the link posted by Mrs. McKelvey and caught up on the first ten days of your children’s book project. Illustrations are my very favorite form of art and I really enjoyed seeing your work! Looking forward to seeing more. 🙂

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  3. Thank you! I’m trying, but I have many unfinished projects and I’m so bad at managing my time. However, I’m inspired by friends like you who are pressing on and accomplishing things and I’m encouraged when I see Katie’s projects on Etsy. My goal is to have some artwork in my own Etsy shop by this Monday. We’ll see!

    Also, since you have a book published, I was curious about whether you have done anything with the business side of publishing, or whether you were commissioned to complete the artwork and the author took care of getting the book published. I’d love to see a post about it sometime this month if you have any information for would-be illustrators. That is, when Pie From Scratch (I love the title, by the way) is finished, what is the next step? How do you get your artwork and ideas from your studio to the shelves of Barnes & Noble?


  4. Doing the “31 Days” is a big incentive… I do so much better with deadlines or time limits! Otherwise, I start things and take YEARS to finish them!

    Zero and One was a commissioned work… I met the author through the Children’s Illustration course I was working through. (He asked the instructor if any students would be interested!) So, I was not involved much with the publishing end of it. Right now, I’m doing research to find a good printer/self-publishing company. I’d like to find one that’s personal enough to help with the layout and technical stuff. I’m also trying to figure out the break points in printing… as in how many books do I need to print to bring the price down to a decent level. I’ll definitely do a post on that before the month’s out!

    Make sure you post you Etsy additions on Facebook! I’d love to see your new things!

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