Painting Prep…

Tonight, I had a chance to get a little prep work done for a full day of painting tomorrow! One not-so-fun prep job is cutting a bazoodle of watercolor paper down to the proper size for the illustrations. I’m working toward an 8″ x 10″ book, so I needed a bunch of 10″ x 12″ pieces, plus a few 10″ x 17″ pieces for the two-page spreads. I like to work slightly larger than the actual page size, but am limited a bit by my scanner. I did an unusual papercutting job several years ago, which required a long piece of watercolor paper… and the only way to get a piece that big was to purchase a gigantic roll of paper. It pretty much gave me what I thought was a lifetime supply! However, it’s been a huge help to have that roll of paper when it comes to illustrating a kids’ book! It’s a little awkward to unroll and cut the pieces, but nice to have it already on hand!

The next thing to do is to sketch or trace my drawings on the watercolor paper. I’d really like to get them all sketched before I start painting, but I’m not sure that will happen. I might save the smaller “spot” illustrations for later. Here’s one… I needed to re-do the original of this painting to move “Annie” over to the left a smudge, and also to re-do her skin tones. It’s hard to see online, but in the first painting, her face is slightly “muddy,” as my attempt at shading got a little heavy.

The pencil lines are faint, so hopefully you can see it!

Painting tomorrow!!!

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