Writing a Story…

Quick post today… Feeling a bit lazy on this Day of Rest. Hubby is under the weather. And speaking of weather, it’s been dreary and rainy all day. So, today we’ve stayed home, rested a lot, and caught up on the laundry. I hadn’t thought much about the Pie from Scratch story until just now, when I read today’s Our Daily Bread. This quote sort of sums up today’s devotion…

All of us are writing a story with our lives
—one that affects others now and in the future.
~Dave Branon~

“Story” is a word that I’ve been hearing a lot lately. It seems to have suddenly taken on new meaning. I hear about “story” on blogs and in meaningful conversations, and they’re talking about more than a fairy tale. A person’s “story” is what they are, where they came from, where they are going, and who they touch along the way. Our personal stories are woven into the stories of the people around us. Annie’s story actually is inspired by grandparents that poured their lives into their grandkids. Thinking about how their influence affected my life makes me want to evaluate the “story” I’m writing today… and Everyday.

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