The Everyday…

We got to go to Disneyland last May with these two Cuties…

It was the first time I ever visited Disneyland, and what an incredible day! Awesome food, fun rides, and lots of time with the Grandboys! I know we all treasure the fun events we share with our families. We’ve got photo albums filled with those special events… birthdays, vacations, weddings, celebrations of all sorts. We always remember to bring the camera along to capture the memories.

But the Everyday… I wish I had taken more pictures of that over the years. The days that weren’t all that exciting, but that also held the most living. The Real Life days. The ones that included PB & J, nap time, chores, and bedtime stories. Because they were just as awesome.

Back in the 90’s, there was a lot of talk about “Quality Time vs. Quantity Time” in the parenting circles. There were convincing arguments for both sides, as if we needed to choose one over the other.

I think families need both.

We need special memories of fabulous celebrations.

And we need special memories of Everydays.

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