Knock the “T” out of “Can’t”…

Did you ever wonder how many times a day kids are told…

“You can’t.”

Did you ever stop for a minute and wonder
if maybe they COULD?

Kids live in such a structured, sterile environment these days. For fear of them getting hurt, we’ve taken away real scissors and given them dull, rounded fake ones. Pocket knives, which every boy over seven used to have, are now considered lethal weapons. We’ve wrapped our kids in bubble wrap, sat them on the couch in front of a television, and handed them a Twinkie. Or maybe an organic cookie.

Don’t get me wrong… I am a HUGE advocate of child safety. My girls will tell you that anytime we let them try something new, we had a safety discussion first. Before they touched anything that had a potential of danger, they knew the rules. My point is this… With adult supervision and a helping hand…

Kids can do stuff.

Real stuff.

They can…

…Learn to use power tools…

…Learn about science…

… Learn about the past…

…Learn about fashion…

(Okay, that one was just for fun!)

…Learn to hit their target…

… And even play with fire.

Annie, our little pie-making friend, wanted to bake a pie. As we get into the story, we’ll see how the adults around her encouraged her to do as much as she could on her own. And when it was finished, she had an incredible feeling of accomplishment. She didn’t just pretend to bake a pie… or watch her Nana bake a pie… She really did it.

In our years of homeschooling, 4-H, and historical reenacting, we’ve seen kids do so many things that we never thought a kid could do… Build homemade rockets, bake homemade bread, sew beautiful dresses, give speeches in front of huge crowds, raise livestock, teach at museum programs, fix engines, cook dinner, play instruments, shoot black powder guns, build outdoor bake ovens, cook over open fires, train horses, tend gardens, and soooo much more. I continue to be amazed at the things kids can do.

What “real” things are the kids around you doing?

How are you helping and encouraging them?

Help them knock the “T” out of “Can’t!”

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2 thoughts on “Knock the “T” out of “Can’t”…

  1. I love this! I actually right now have the 4-H page up as I was looking into it for my kids, even before I saw your post! You are right. Kids like to be challenged. Time to turn off the TV and get doing!

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