Pie from Scratch…

Last year, just a few days after my youngest daughter’s wedding, and in the midst of a bunch of framing and papercutting orders, a messy house, and a pile of college classes, I madly bravely jumped feet first into The Nester’s 31 Days Blogging Project, and blogged for an entire month on our journey into Empty Nesting. After much deliberation, brainstorming, excitement, uncertainty, and stubbornness…

I’m going to try it again.

I’m still not sure why. 😛 But, there’s something about writing every day that helps me get back on track. Maybe it’s having a deadline. Or a lot of them. Maybe it’s the accountability of somebody else wondering if I’ll actually finish something I started. (Still working on the bedroom from last year… but we ARE sleeping in there now!) Maybe it’s having outside encouragement or interaction with other bloggers. Maybe it’s just the structure of having a topic to think about for a whole month.

Not sure. Maybe it’s all of that and more.

But I finally picked my Blog Topic/October Project.

Pie from Scratch

Only I won’t be baking.

Or at least not every day.


Here on this blog… Starting Monday, October 1st!

4 thoughts on “Pie from Scratch…

  1. Ok, I was hoping to follow a #31Days of meals that won’t make my bum bigger, but yours is so much yummier! So, you will inspire me to 31 Days of Walking My Bum Off so I Can Enjoy Some Pie!

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