Almost Autumn…

Fall is still officially two days away, according to the calendar. But it officially started last week for me. When the store re-opens with fall stuff, and when I hear the diesel engine of the school bus picking up the kids next door, when my grandboys are learning their ABC’s, and when Mom and I begin predicting the weather by the color of Wooly Bears on the road… Fall is here, whether or not the calendar agrees with me. And just to prove it, we found this treasures on our walk this morning…

As I was heading in the back door, Hubby had left me a little present. Not exactly a “fall” moment, as we get more of these in the spring, but perhaps their small number is an indicator that cold weather is coming. He usually sticks them just inside the door, with the daily comment, “A chicken for your table,” but this morning they were outside. Since it was already in my mind to take a picture of the nuts and leaves, I grabbed my camera to capture the hen fruit as well…

And couldn’t believe my luck, as an unexpected drama began to unfold…

“Eenie” (or “Meenie or Miney?) found something interesting! The subject of his curiosity became rather defensive, however. I’ve never seen a “bug with a neck” get quite so feisty! You know the little crab in Finding Nemo? He was reenacting the seagull scene. I almost wanted to do the sound effects for him.

And he conquered! Or survived?

And proclaimed himself “Champeen of the World!”

Then gave me that “And what do YOU want?” look.

3 thoughts on “Almost Autumn…

  1. Kim, I did not know that you were bilingual and could speak Praying Mantis, but you must because I just know that is what he was saying!

    So funny! And kind of not funny. They are such creepy bugs. Ron insists that they are our “friends,” but I insist that they would eat me if they could!

  2. My husband was stalked by one when he was mowing a field once. They have no idea that they shouldn’t be “Champeen of the World!” I don’t mess with them… they’re too confident. I love how he was looking at you!

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