Shuffling Stuff…

Seems like we’ve been shuffling quite a bit of stuff around here lately! Art supplies and picture frames. Summer clothes and Winter clothes. Suitcases and purses. College texts and library books. Weeds and sweet potato slips. And as soon as possible, I’m hoping to shuffle some furniture. Including two pianos. That will definitely make the blog.

Being quite an expert Stuff Shuffler, last night
I started The Great Blog and Website Makeover.

It was time.

It was overdue.

I had been tired of the dark, primitive look of our website and blog, and wanted to freshen things up a bit. I’d been chatting with my girls for a few months about this idea, trying to brainstorm ideas for a new look. My papercuttings and silhouettes definitely lean to the “historic” side, but I really like bright happy colors. Kate and I have been watching Etsy Success videos. Jordan and I got to skim through some magazines and play with paint chips during our trip out West. Both girls suggested I make a mood board or collage of favorite colors and images. I started that, but I think it was more in my head than on paper. I wanted to incorporate…

White space

Antique images

Lime Green

Old Time Fonts



And… many hours later… I think it’s just about there.

Please excuse the dust as I shuffle lots of pictures around. One main decision we made was to move the shop over to Etsy. I’ve had a really hard time keeping up with oodles of special orders, as well as all the pages on my shop, and adding things to Etsy too. So, I figured having everything in one spot would help simplify life. We’re trying to fill up our Gallery on Tumblr with old designs, and will take orders if life is not too crazy at the time, but our goal is to have a shop with things ready to ship. So there’s still lots of picture taking and uploading  to do, but at least the main reorganization is done!

Have fun exploring…
And let me know if you find any broken links!

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