Chris and Kim’s Airplane Adventure

In which we missed our flight and
temporarily took up residence in Denver.

In case any of you don’t know, I don’t like to fly. Actually, that is an understatement. I always swore that I would never get on an airplane ever for any reason whatsoever. However, when your kids and grandkids live on the opposite coast, resolutions like that go up in a puff of smoke. I mean who could not visit these people…

Jordan, Luke, Jackson, and Derik

(The bloopers for this picture were hilarious…
Derik is literally being held in position.)

Jo and the boys just bought a house, and we headed out to see it and to help with some DIY projects… Jordan is blogging about them HERE. Keep checking her blog to see the final outcomes! The ten days we were out there were sort of like one of those HGTV decorating shows where the crew comes in and tears up every room in the house, and pulls it all together just in time for the camera crew. Except the “pulling it all together” part was lacking somewhat. We left the new homeowners with a small list of finishing touches to do, but we’re convinced that if we all had another 24 hours, we could have done it!

So anyway… this non-flying Nana has become quite the expert on purchasing airline tickets. We only fly Southwest so we can stay in the same terminal in the airports. And also because I know what to expect on their planes and have their safety speeches memorized. (I’m still not sure why they insist on explaining the life vest under the seat in case of a water disaster when we are flying across Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada.) We pay extra for “Early Bird Check-In” so we can be in the “A” boarding group and sit together, which really helps me concentrate during take-offs and landings. I even branched out at booked the return flight through Denver this time so we could fly over the Rocky Mountains for a change of scenery and experience a new airport. How brave is that? However, the best laid plans of mice and men go oft astray, and every single flight has been a personal challenge. After our return trip this time, I think I’ve figured it out…these flights are doubling as “Airplane Desensitization Training” for me.

And so… we were headed back home on Tuesday. Hubby got texts that both flights were being delayed. After one final trip to Lowes, we left with more than enough time to stop for lunch at Johhny Rocket’s and for us girls to run into Anthropologie while the guys ordered the food. Only problem was the food never came. And never came. We were about to tell the waitress we had to LEAVE when the food came, and we ate it super duper fast and booked it to the cars. Traffic was worse than expected because the plane delays had put us closer to rush hour. Jo and I and the boys were trying to check our suitcases while Chris and Luke were trying to turn in the rental car, where there was also a long line of people and only one person at the counter. And then, while the airport was paging us, the lady at the counter told us it was impossible to get on that plane… we were missing our flight.

After a momentary panic, and trying to figure if Hubby should re-rent the car he just turned in, we found that we could actually make the first leg of our journey. There was a plane leaving in 45 minutes that was headed to Las Vegas, which would connect us to a plane headed to Denver, and at Denver, we just needed to explain the situation and they would get us on a connecting flight to Baltimore. Easy.

So we flew to Las Vegas. Did you know there are slot machines right there in the airport? That was an interesting sight to watch. And there was a nice Mexican restaurant there too. Then we flew to Denver, arriving around midnight. The first flights East began at 6 a.m., and we needed to be there for the first one to secure our spots on the standby list. So we spent about 3 hours in a Super 8 hotel, which had a comfy bed, a much-needed shower, and a 4 a.m. wake-up call.

Back at the airport by 4:45, we completely confused the man at the check-in counter. He really didn’t know what to do with us. It was no big deal that we had missed our flight, but missing it the day after Memorial Day and College Graduation Weekend was a bit of a problem. Plus, the night before, several flights to Baltimore had been cancelled due to weather somewhere in the East. He thought the 2:00 p.m. flight would be our best chance, but we had to “try” for the other flights throughout the day.

It was all actually pretty fun. We got to see lots of people coming and going, and bonded with the other standby passengers. Whenever someone got a boarding pass, they were congratulated as if they had just won the lottery! And by the time we got on the plane to Baltimore (by way of Atlanta, Georgia) I was actually thrilled to be getting on an airplane! The ADT (Airplane Desensitization Training) worked!

So I’m pretty sure I will fly again.

After all, who could resist these Cutie Patooties?

Definitely not their Nana and Pop-Pop!

5 thoughts on “Chris and Kim’s Airplane Adventure

  1. I am in tears. This was such a wonderful post I wish I would have been along to experience it all! You are a fabulous Nana. ❤

  2. AHHCK!!! LOVE this post!!!! 🙂 I wish I could have been there… can’t wait to see the boys again… and you are DEFINITELY more desensitized to airplanes than the first time we flew! 🙂

  3. Susan, you would be a fun travel buddy! Just think of the escapades we could get into! 😀

    Kate, the boys were asking why we didn’t bring you! They miss their Aunt Kate!

  4. This post is the perfect combination of sweet and scary and well-told story! Love the photos…love the Ikea sofa…love the fact that you were able to spend ten glorious days with your dear that you made it home safely (although not quickly).

    Now off to check out Jo’s post before I collapse into bed…

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