Saturday was a Productive Day.

We like those kinds of days.

The MenFolk were busy outside building Things.

Which was good, because the LadyFolk had Things-To-Do
inside the house. Artsy things. Etsy Things.

Things that needed Tea and Cookies for Inspiration.

We brought out the good china for the occasion.


We Ladies glued and sanded and painted.

We let the men join us when it was time to put pictures together.

And introduced Kate’s Hubby to a pastime we endearingly call
“Midnight Framing at the Frey House.”

 He got the hang of it pretty quickly.

And everyone was rewarded by a Very Yummy
homemade Beef Pot Pie courtesy of Kate.

It lived up to its name.

Saturday’s Framing Adventure was actually  a special event…

It was the first framing of Kate’s hand-lettered artwork!

I think they turned out pretty, don’t you?

We’re taking part in a private in-home craft show this week,
but after that, I’ll bet you’ll be seeing some framed things
in Kate’s Etsy Shop! Keep an eye out!

One thought on “Productive.

  1. I love productive days. And productive days when you’re productive together are even better!

    Kate is doing some lovely work! I wish her much success in her new venture.

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