Just a few things…

I’ve been slowly cleaning up and reorganizing the Art Room, and am discovering all sorts of interesting things! Found a whole drawer full of rubber stamps and embossing stuff that I might use some day, a jar of kitty whiskers (Really. I had a plan for those.), and Cuisenaire Rods… just in case I need to teach basic math concepts to a random first grader. Also discovered lots of partially finished papercuttings and artwork that never made it into frames.

…And I found a whole bunch of prints that we had made a
while back, and forgot about because they were on a high shelf!

So, for the sake of making room in my creative space, I listed the prints for sale on Our Etsy Shop, as well as on our Sweet Remembrances Shop Page! Each is available as a print only, as well as “finished and framed.” Check ’em out!


Something Else…

of Great Importance…

A little friend of ours named Lilly was in a terrible car accident last summer, and suffered brain injury from the trauma. The doctors didn’t think she would survive her injuries, but she’s a fighter, and showed them they were wrong! She is doing great, but still needs daily therapy, and she and her Mom travel hours every day back and forth to the only children’s hospital in our state. We’re trying to help in a small way by selling notecards for Lilly… all proceeds, minus printing costs, go directly to her family. If you would like to purchase any of the notecards, please Contact Us, and we’ll get them out to you right away!

Set of Five Notecards & Envelopes
$8, plus $2 shipping
(Shipping adjusted for multiple packages.) 


Even Miracles Take a Little Time
~Lilly’s favorite quote from Cinderella~

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