Drawing Stories…. Part Five!

Okay… I said we were going to break out the “crayons”
in this post,but no crayons were injured
in the production of Zero and One.


The next step in illustrating the book was to make a full set of “Color Roughs.” I had mixed feelings about this step at first. It seemed like I was doing the entire book in miniature, and I probably went into too much detail. They weren’t very “rough.” But, I wanted to make sure that Jeff and I were on the same page when it came to the finished artwork. I could have done just a few “finished” Roughs (how’s that for an oxymoron?) and took it easy on the rest of the Roughs, but I think being nervous about how the final artwork would look made me want to see a tiny version of every illustration! Here are a few of them….

The Color Roughs helped us discover a few places
where the overlapped color wasn’t going to work…

Blue hands on a blue body blend in!

Adding color also showed us  where
things didn’t quite make sense…

Those “See-Through-Numbers” had me stumped.
Should we see the grass through their tummies?

I just knew a brilliant preschooler would be disturbed by that.

The Color Roughs were painted with watercolor, with some gouache mixed in to increase the color intensity. After the roughs were analyzed, dissected, and approved, I started on the final artwork. The Finals were basically Really Big Versions of the Roughs, and they took every bit of time I had left before my deadline! With the Finals, I used watercolor and gouache, but burnished several layers of Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils on the characters to smooth out the color, and to give them extra depth and brightness.

I went through a LOT of Prismacolor Pencils.

And  LOT of Colorless Blender Pencils.

But it was worth it.

I have to tell ya, it is a lot of hard work to take a children’s book from start to finish… But seeing the stack of completed artwork gives you such a feeling of accomplishment! One of my biggest faults is procrastination, and finishing a big project like this helped me know that I really can finish something… and ON TIME too!


To purchase Zero and One,
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