Let’s Talk Turkey…

Back after a busy week…

…but it was nice to take a break from blogging after last month!

And just to get into a November sort of mood,
I thought it might be fun to do a quick
“how to draw a turkey” post!

Start with a few basic shapes…

Draw these rather lightly… most of these lines will either be
covered up or erased by the time your bird is finished.
It helps if you imagine the big “Pie-Shaped Wedge” as an
actual pie shape… draw the pointed end if you need to!

Then you can start roughing out the details…

Tom’s waddle is sort of lumpy and bumpy
and hangs down over his beak.
The leg that is closest to us is full at the top. Think “drumstick.”
Each foot has three toes that go forward, and one that goes back.
Start putting some directional lines for the feathers on his body,
and some guidelines for the color changes on his tail.

Next, work on his tail…

Separate the feathers with vertical lines, and
work on each tail feather individually.
In the top and bottom sections, shade in some color
with your pencil before adding feather details.
Leave the second section white, and keep the
detail lines very light in that area.
Add in some little scribbles for the grass.

Now use a thin black marker…
…my fave’s are Micron Pigma pens
found in the scrapbooking section of craft stores…
to ink in the details and define the feathers.
Erase any extra lines, and “smudge”
some of pencil lines around the edges
and in the turkey’s tail & waddle for shading.

He’ll suddenly come to life!

Have fun… and don’t stress  if your first
attempt doesn’t turn out so great…


It really does make perfect.

(And now that I’m looking at this turkey on
my blog, I can see a mistake… I missed a
small section of his body under his
wing in the inking process!
See, we all need to keep practicing!)

P.S. If you send me your turkey drawings,
I’ll post them on the blog this month!


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