Day 31 – Not quite the end…

Well. We have made it to the end of October, and reached the finish line of the 31 Day Project! Only there are still a few loose threads hanging on this project… namely the half-finished new master bedroom! We’ll keep working on it, and show pictures of the progress, I promise! Just maybe not daily.

A little over a month ago, just a day or two after our youngest daughter got married, I heard about The Nester’s 31 Days of Change blogging project, and thought it sounded like fun! And it has been… it’s kept my mind busy for that first quiet month with no chicks in the nest, and kept my hands busy with typing, demolition, and painting. And most of all, it provided a very interesting community of like-minded and inspiring ladies… all blogging about different subjects! I actually couldn’t wait until November arrived, mostly so I could spend a bit of time exploring all those other great blogs! They would make great mini-challenges to follow throughout the next year. Nester, I hope you do it again!!!

I’ve put up a page that lists all the posts for this month, and will work on switching the links of all those “Mama Bird” pictures so they go there. Please be patient… it might take a while! Also, all the 31 Days posts can be found by clicking the “31 Days” or “Empty Nest” categories down on the right sidebar. (And I really need to clean up those categories… way too many options! Future Organization Project #132.)

And now I’d like to share a few
of my favorite 31 Days blogs…
…just in case you’d like to visit!

31 Days to Make a House a Home

31 Days of Photography Fun 

31 Days of Art 

31 Days of Photo Tips

31 Days from Blog to Biz 

31 Days for the Struggling Mama 

…And a whole bunch more!

Something I've been avoiding...

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